Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Different Types of Waste Originated from A Household

household waste collection

The household originates different types of waste. These wastes can be classified according to their recycling ability. It is better to know them and how to dispose of them. It will help you act more responsibly and reduce pollution. Keep reading to find out more.

Food and garden waste

Food and garden waste is also identified as garden waste and can be recycled using different eco-friendly methods. They are usually thrown into the waste bin colored green. Now as mentioned, this particular type of waste contains everything that is organic in nature. Here are a few examples to understand it better.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat, fish, and bone
  • All leftover food
  • Rice and bread
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Used tissues and kitchen towels
  • Grass, hedge, and shrubs
  • Leaves and weeds
  • Plants and flowers
  • Small branches
  • Tree barks
All of these are organic waste can be broken by microorganisms, hence; do not keep them with plastic.

Dry recycling waste

Dry recycling includes wastes that are both dry and can be recycled. These can include everything from cans, plastics, and paper. Instead of throwing them away, you can actually recycle them and reuse them. They are dropped into the blue bin so that they can be easily recognized and further recycled. Some of the products included in this category are as follows.
  • Food and drink cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Tinfoil containers
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Greeting cards
  • Junk mail and newspaper
  • Cartons
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Catalogs and telephone diaries
  • Shredded documents
  • Glass bottles
  • All Plastic bottles
  • Carrier bags

Non-recycling waste

Most of the household waste contains products that can be recycled. However, there are certain merchandises which can’t be recycled and need to be dealt with carefully, for those wastes are active contributes to pollution. Thrown in the black bin, some of these products can be summarized as follows.
  • Disposable nappies
  • Sanitary towels
  • Polystyrene packages
  • Pet waste
  • Broken crockery
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • All electronic items
  • Coal and wooden ash
  • Cigarette butts
  • Textiles
Hence, now that you know the classification and have a clear idea about where to throw them, make sure you make good use of the information. Waste management companies offer recycling services at a reasonable price. Register today to seek their assistance. 

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Importance of Document and Paper Recycling That Everyone Should Know About

document shredding services

If you follow the official recycling forum, you will find some staggering information. If you were asking the question why should you recycle documents and papers, then you will be want to know the following points.

Recycling the papers and documents produces 73% less air pollution than what is produced from making new products.
Approximately 12 million tons of paper and documents are used annually in Australia, and it takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of newspaper.

If you look at some other hard numbers and facts, you will be surprised to know that in the year 2008, due to recycling papers, 11 million tons of CO2 was prevented from being emitted. This is equivalent to taking away 3.5 million cars from the roads.

These figures no matter how surprising they look are true. This also further emphasizes on the fact that paper should be recycled. Provider of document shredding services has constantly noted that instead of throwing away the documents and increasing the landfill trash, get them shredded and recycled so that they can be reused.

Also, there is a better advantage to shredding important documents beyond recognition. If the papers end up in the hands of wrong people, you can end up in big trouble. Identity theft is one of the biggest problems.

Hence, rather than increasing trash and risking your personal security, shred the documents.

How is paper recycled?

Once the discarded paper is collected, it is taken to the factory where it is pulped in a tank that separates the chemicals from the paper fibers. After this process, it is cleaned using water that removes the ink. Whitening agents are further added and the pulped papers are rolled out to dry them. Heated rollers are used once again to give the papers a smooth finish. Once they have dried out completely, they are distributors who make appropriate use of them.

How many times can it be recycled?

Though paper and documents recycling has no limits on them, every time they are recycled, the fiber becomes weaker and more brittle. In general, paper can be recycled up to seven times before they have to be discarded completely.

So contact your general waste collection company and have them collect all the paper and documents you were about to waste. They will collect and treat it using the right methods. The cost of waste collection is affordable. So become a responsible citizen by recycling paper today.

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Monday, 18 December 2017

The Trends in Waste Management Practices to be Witnessed in 2018

waste management services

Today, our society and the world on a whole is suffering from a number of environmental issues and tussling with a major one: the increasing waste production and improper waste management hassle. Government is trying to bring in different acts and asking the industries, households and individuals to minimise waste production and manage their disposal. This has given way to a number of positive changes, and the waste management and recycling companies have contributed a lot towards building a greener eco system.  There have been an array of technological innovations and developments that target at a better eco system by handling the issue of waste management and disposal with efficiency and quickness.  People are motivated to use alternatives, and more recycling and reuse options are coming in the forefront.

Recycling is one of the greatest successes that has been in trend for the last few years, and the waste management companies are helping the common masses excel in this sector. The new policies and control measures are rolled out by the authorities to effectively manage waste materials in the society. Here are some of the trends that can be witnesses regarding waste management services and practices in 2018.

More legal actions

the authorities and governing bodies are bringing in new rules, policies and norms to push people towards a waste free society.  To curb the increasing problem of waste disposal, there has been a number of legal laws that advocates fines and even serving jail period. This is how, legalizing a lot of matters has already become a trend in this sector.

Sorting the waste materials

The sorting of waste materials before throwing them off to the landfills and even to the waste bins has started from 2017 and is going to persist. The blend of different toxic waste products cause a lot of hazards, and hence the waste management companies have brought in improved sorting methods where the machines at recycling plants  are used rampantly to separate different waste materials form one another effectively.

The ban on polythene and plastic products

Plastic is known to be a very toxic element for the environment and hence the authorities are bringing in different measures to ban partially or completely the plastic or polythene materials. The waste management companies are also asked to reuse and recycle them effectively instead of dumping them into the landfills again and again.

Energy production from waste items

Incineration, ossification and anaerobic digestion are some of the methods that use the waste products to be transformed into energy and this is perfectly done by the renowned waste management companies, without affecting the environment negatively.

Thus, be it industrial waste or household waste disposal, a wide array of trends are coming up to fix this serious issue that affects the eco system.

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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Quick and Easy Tips to Be A Pro in Recycle Of Plastic Bottles

recycle of plastic bottles

Plastic is the greatest nuisance to the environment, and as per statistics, they cause a lot of pollution. Being one of the most hazardous waste materials, plastic needs to be disposed with care. Today, the landfills are getting overfilled with the plastic bottles and bags, and to tackle this situation, the waste management companies are bringing in different recycling programs to effectively resolve this issue. Now when it comes to using the used plastic bottles wisely, recycling them doesn’t have to be a challenge.

The waste managers always help the people with different recycling options, and they also offer the manpower to train them in the process of recycling them.  Plastic bottles are hugely used in everyday life, and hence require to be reused so that they don’t end up polluting the environment after being sent to the landfills.

Want to be a pro in recycle of plastic bottles? Here are some quick and effective tips to get through this.

Store and separate them

For the first step to recycling, you have to start with storing the separating the useless bottles. Keep a designated placed near the sink or staircase or somewhere in the kitchen that would keep the used plastic bottles and will help you understand which ones to be recycled further.

You can crush them properly

Make sure to crush the plastic bottles while throwing them away to the recycling bins, and this will you will be able to fit in more bottles in the bins. Just make sure that you screw on the lid once your bottles are squished and they’ll stay that way. The crushing of the plastic bottles is always the first step towards recycling them.

Increase your horizon

Not just the drinking bottles or juice and alcohol ones, you also ought to recycle other plastic bottles like bottles of shampoo, cleaning products and sauce containers, as they are usually recyclable too.

Reuse in them in creative ways

You can always think of creative ways to reuse the plastic bottles in different ingenuous ways: everything from basic craft projects to air conditioning units made of bottles. These ideas of re-purposing them comes from the blogs of on the net too, and you can surf them to try few.

Call experts

If you are unable to figure out the best ways to recycle and reuse the plastic bottles, you always have the experts at your services. The leading household waste recycling professionals and recycling managers always come to your rescue and help you with the technologically advanced recycling options. They charge minimal and help you deal with hazardous plastic waste products.

Thus, instead of neglecting the plastic bottles and other plastic wastes and filling the landfills, time to think constructive for the eco system and recycle them as much as you can.

Contact Adelaide Eco Bins today to find out about our commercial rubbish removal in Adelaide Metropolitan areas today by phoning 08 8280 6533 or alternative send as an email and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Things You Should Know About Polystyrene and Recycling It

polystyrene in recycling bins

The white foam that comes as a part of packaging is often recognized as polystyrene. An unbreakable substance, it is usually made by expanding beads of polystyrene plastic fused with foam. According to studies, roughly 45,000 tons of polystyrene is created and consumed every year in Australia. Given that it cannot be broken by decomposers and contributes actively to polluting the natural resources, this number is scary.

Thus, here are few things that you should be mindful of when disposing polystyrene or simply dealing with it.

The polystyrene product that can be recycled

Any clean, white polystyrene can be recycled. Products include foam packaging from small and large appliances, fruit and vegetable boxes and polystyrene plastic bags.

The polystyrene product that cannot be recycled

Any polystyrene that is colored can be recycled. Meat trays or similar food packaging too can’t be recycled. Electrical appliances that come wrapped in polystyrene foam cannot be recycled either. Also, the peanut shaped loose foam packaging that is included fall under this category.

Which bin should be used to throw polystyrene?

Polystyrene should not be thrown into the green recycle bin that is extremely common. A special grey bin can be found with the leading waste management companies which are specifically used to collect products made of the same material. Polystyrene in recycling bins is a long ensuing effort of waste management companies to stop careless disposal which can spread toxic chemicals all around and harm any living being in the radius. Be careful of which product you are using and let the professionals deal with it. You can give back the packaging to the shop owner for reuse or recycle.

The topmost waste management companies are offering their best services to prevent pollution from spreading further. From recycling plastic and polystyrene, cardboard and mattress recyclers perform all types of services. Register with them today and act as a responsible citizen.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Recycling of Plastic Bottle is Necessary for Offering Huge Benefits

For everyday life, plastic is a material used to manufacture a number of products, from beverage and food containers, to trash bags and grocery bags, plastic cups and utensils, children's toys and diapers, and bottles. But, did you know it has innumerable hazardous side effects on the environment?  Plastic also goes into the making of furniture, appliances, computers and automobiles and hence if not anything, we should at least try recycling the plastic bottles.

The use of plastic has increased these days, and they have become a larger part of the municipal solid waste, growing from less than 1 percent in 1960 to approximately 12 percent every year.

If you are still wondering why would you need the recycle of plastic bottle services from a top company, here are some benefits of doing this.

Conserves energy and natural resources

The amount of energy and natural resources (such as water, petroleum and natural) needed to create virgin plastic is a lot more, and hence recycling the plastic bottles help to conserve energy and these natural resources to a great extent.

Saves landfill space

Dumping the plastic bottles in the landfills fills the landfills with excess waste products, and hence recycling saves a lot of landfill space and also allows the plastics to be reused in manufacturing new products. According to figures, recycling one ton of plastic saves 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.

It is an easy process

Whether you have access to a plastic recycling program or not, reusing and recycling the plastic bottles is practically easy. If you feel confused and clueless, you always have the professionals and waste management companies to help you out in both plastic recycling or document destruction services and simple waste disposal facilities.

The good news is that many grocery stores now serve as recycling collection sites for the plastic bottles, bags and plastic wrap.

Friday, 15 September 2017

The Cutting-Edge Ways to Recycle and Manage the E Waste Adelaide Materials Easily

The plastic, metals and other everyday waste items can be reused, managed and recycled, but we often ignore the electronic waste products.  E-waste refers to any electronic device that is no longer wanted or has become useless, and large amounts of e-waste are produced every year filling the landfills with toxicity all year round.  The rise of dependency on electronic items, and easy availability of electronic products, has given way to tons and tons of electronic waste every year.

According to statistics, 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed every year and unfortunately, only about 12.5% of it is recycled.

If you are feeling clueless about how to manage or manage e waste Adelaide products, here are some tips.

Donate or sell

If the electronic goods you have are old, but in working condition, you can just get rid of them by selling or donating, instead of filling the landfills. Also, there are recycling websites and comparison websites that will give you a price for your old gadgets and help you to get done with the old and obsolete gadgets.

The old mobile phone used a GPS device

The old mobile phones are discarded, and we are always keen on buying new ones every year. To stop this, you can just keep it in your car and use as a music player or GPS device, instead of throwing it away as a trash. They can also be turned into universal remote controls or be used to monitor security cameras.

The retailers help to recycle

The private label brands and many retailers have this advanced in-store, online and drop-off site recycling options. For gift cards, you can trade the old and obsolete electrical gadgets easily.   This is a wonderful way to minimize the production of e-waste products.

The recycling centres or waste management companies

You can check out the best waste management companies or E-recycling companies around your locality, that will help you to treat the electrical waste items properly through professionals.

Make them a necessity, not luxury

The main reason why there are tons of e-waste generate every year is because people buy them out of luxury and not due to necessity.  Thus, buy them only when you need them, instead of being very impulsive. Being a sensible customer will help you contribute positively towards the eco system, too.

Thus, instead of throwing away the old electronic goods make sure to think of alternatives to reuse or recycle them. 


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